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Access Statement


We do wish to extend our hospitality to as many as possible. Unfortunately Moorsands does not lend itself to being adapted for people with restricted mobility.  Such people may have difficulty with our steps and stairs.  Moorsands is unsuitable for wheelchairs.


The nearest Railway Station is at Barnstaple, 11 miles (18Km) distant. To complete the journey by bus there is a short ride (about 1 Km) to Barnstaple Bus Station where a change to route 308 is required.  This is an hourly service and will stop by request outside Moorsands.  Alternatively, by prior arrangement we will pick you up from the Railway Station by car (please see Travel). The car is a red Citroén Xsara Picasso, which has a high floor pan, making for easier boarding and alighting.

National Express coaches also stop at Barnstaple bus station but route 502 for Ilfracombe stops in Braunton from where, again by prior arrangement we will pick you up.  The later service arrives after the last bus to Croyde.

Details for reaching us by road are contained in our brochure and on this web site under Travel.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

The road outside Moorsands has a footpath only on the opposite side but there is a dropped kerb opposite our entrance.  Our drive has a short 12% upward incline and is used for both vehicular and pedestrian access.  It leads to a gently sloping car park with space for 6 cars.  

Main Entrance & Reception / Dining room.

There is a short walk (3-10m) to 4 upward steps, each 16cm high and 1.3m wide, with hand rail along the right side, leading to a level approach to the porch, where there is a further step of 10cm up to the front door.  The front doorway is 80cm wide and leads into a lobby 1.1m deep with an inner door giving access, again 80cm wide, to the hall.   This is 1.56m wide by 2.04m deep to the foot of the stairs.  Immediately to your left, in the corner just inside the hall, is a 9 litre pressurised water fire extinguisher and a tall bugle     glass     vase    containing

fireproofed silk flowers.  There are no raised thresholds.

A 75cm wide door on the left opens into the dining room, a bright well lit room with high triple sash windows and an open aspect towards the sea.    This is where guests register, either standing at the bar (private) or seated at a table.  Chairs are light and easily portable and a pen and note pad are provided if required.  A large print tariff is on display.

Public Areas - General (Internal)

The stairs to the first floor have 15 steps to a half landing, where there is a right turn of 180 degrees followed by a further 3 steps to the main landing.  There is a grab rail, spindles or newel post on the right all the way up, (left on the way down).  The width is in excess of 74cm all the way, while the half landing is 1.6m deep by 1.66m wide, with small display tables in the far corners and a single step down to a private door between them.

The main landing is in excess of 74 cm wide for a distance of 2.03m after which it becomes 1.65m wide for a further distance of 2.95m to the WC door.  Outside this door, on the left as you face it, is a 9 litre pressurised water fire extinguisher and in the right corner is a wicker arm chair with a doll on it.   A turn to the right of 180 degrees where the landing widens faces you up the stairs to the second floor.  There are 12 steps to the second half landing, which is 1.68m wide by 1.33m deep.  On the far side, to right of centre, is an obscure window extending below floor level and protected by a spindled guard rail.  Ahead, to the left, is a low corner cupboard. Turning to the right, again by 180 degrees,  takes you up a further 3 steps on to the top landing.  This is 80cm wide for a distance of 1.72m, with a spindled guard rail on the right.  It then widens to 1.7m up to the far wall, which is a further 2.09m distant.  In the far left corner is a 9 litre pressurised water fire extinguisher, while in the diagonally opposite corner, nestling between the wall and the guard rail return is a small three level circular table, on which is a table lamp used as a night light.  Other night lights are located on the first floor landing and in the hall but the main lights can be left on at night for anyone with visual impairment.

All woodwork and ceilings throughout the house are painted white and the doors are stained antique pine.  Walls in the stairwell are deep yellow below dado height and pale yellow above.  The carpets, as far as the upper staircase, are of a green background with contrasting coloured pattern.  The upper staircase and top landing are similarly carpeted with a closer pattern.


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